Codes and Solutions, turning your ideas into business.

Who We Are

We are a small team with a diverse set of expertise. We love to play with bleeding edge technology and make useful applications. We strive to deliver value to the users and help them stay in control.

We have the experience of working on world-class software with some of the best talents in the industry. However, we are passionate about making new things off the ground and flexing our muscles on areas we don't do quite often in our day job, like project management, marketing, customer relations, operations support, etc. That's why we started Codolutions.

What We Do

We are currenlty doing mobile and web application development in a few differnt projects, you can see some examples we released under the Codolutions label in the products section.

We have experience in development of Java, .Net, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Node.js, and interactive web applications.

We are based in Australia and work regularly with offshore contractors helping us finish projects on time. We are happy to help you turn your ideas into business.

Our Values

  • We don't just make things to make profit, they have to be useful and meaningful.
  • We don't sell our users to advertisers, but we might sell some premium features in our applications. We believe there is no such thing as free software these days, if you get something for free you are probably the product.
  • We always have an eye on security and privacy of users. We strive to minimize such risks for our users.


A Java/Android dude and occasional web developer, he is passionate about functional programming.


Specialist in Microsoft solutions, web developer, and passionate about application life-cycle management.

Our Team


We well know our capabilities and limits. We frequently get help from freelancers to finish projects on-time.